Robots in bottling plant of Bodegas Fundador in Spain

Improving productivity and promoting innovaiton with new ‘robotized palletizers’

by Anna Ramirez

One of the most important innovations for Bodegas Fundador that took place last year was the design and installation of new robotic cells to replace the old conventional palletizers at the end of the bottling production line.

Bodegas Fundador is the first company in the sector [in Spain] to have a fully robotized palletizing plant. Thanks to the mechanical simplicity of the cells, maintenance costs are lowered while productivity and efficiency improves in the production lines, which is the group’s goal.

The innovation consists of four robotic cells comprised of five state-of-the-art latest generation robots, automated conveyors, and advanced perimeter security systems, which allows for building finished product boxes into mosaics of pallets at an average speed of 30 to 40 boxes per minute and 1 to 2 minutes per pallet.

You can check out how the robots do actual work in this short video from Bodegas Fundador.

The deployment of robots allowed the plant to achieve a performance increase of over 50 percent compared to when it was still using the former equipment.

The project was coordinated by the group’s industrial department and its integration into the production lines was carried out by the company Inser-Robótica.

These advances in the group’s industrial processes are part of Bodegas Fundador’s strategic plan toward innovation and technological modernization. This thrust allows the company to provide significant improvements in safety, quality, productivity and efficiency, helping increase competitiveness and sustainability in order to respond to the increase in sales and demands for better business results.


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