ALT to AGI employees: ‘We can weather any kind of storm’

AGI Chairman highlights the conglomerates’ efforts to become ‘future-ready’ by transforming the way we do business

As one of the country’s biggest and most successful conglomerates, the Alliance Global Group, Inc. (AGI) has gone through many different challenges that tested its resilience and resolve.

What keeps AGI relevant and thriving even in today’s challenging moments, you may ask?

Simple. The idea of “innovation.”

This virtue has been at the very core of AGI’s identity, and it continues to be the driving force behind the group’s journey to continue its strong and promising showing.

“The need to adapt to the demands of an ever-changing business landscape has never been more pronounced than in recent time. In an age where innovation is the norm, future-proofing our business is an invaluable task. Adapting to change is not new to AGI, as we have always been constantly transforming the way we do business through the years as we keep pace with advances in technology while innovating our operations and making them future-ready. And as our stakeholders continuously look for more, we must harness our dynamism to give ourselves better footing to meet any hurdle we face,” said Dr. Andrew L. Tan, founder and chairman, AGI, as he spoke during the first-ever virtual annual stockholders’ meeting hosted by the conglomerate.

While a lot of industries and businesses all over the world struggled and crumbled under the weight of problems brought by COVID-19, AGI remains on its feet and continues to build on the wealth of opportunities that come its way.

“AGI has managed to survive on the back of the strength and resilience that we have patiently built through years of prudent financial and operational management. These fresh challenges have also given all of us the perfect opportunity to unite for the common good, moving us to be more caring for one another and encouraging us to work closer together while creating more opportunities for everyone,” added Dr. Tan.

Watch Dr. Tan’s message during AGI’s first-ever virtual annual stockholders’ meeting in this video.


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