ALT TRAVELS: Determination takes you places

Alliance Global Group, Inc. (AGI) Chairman Dr. Andrew L. Tan was featured in a recent Philippine STAR article where, along with other country’s movers and shakers, he talked about “stumbling blocks turned stepping stones.”

Here’s how Dr. Tan talked about his own stumbling blocks:

Growing up in a modest family, I saw how things that you don’t have or can’t have can lead you to take another path or option in life. But eventually, this new path or option could turn into something better for you—something we usually call a “blessing in disguise.”

I remember back in college when I used to walk home from UE. I would usually pass by some shops like bakeries, hardware stores, bazaars and eateries, which later fascinated and inspired me to learn that they were owned by the families of my schoolmates.

When we graduated college, I saw these schoolmates of mine working in their family businesses and stayed there for long. As for me, since my family didn’t own any business, I took the path of working in an office and later pursued my dream of also having my own companies. And the rest was history.

His story is one that will continuously inspire AGI employees. His stumbling blocks definitely led him to places and people that further enriched his vision.

In photo is Dr. Tan with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (center) and Emperador President Winston Co (right).

Dr. Tan, Mrs. Katherine Tan and Mr. Co in front of the residence of the UK Prime Minister.

ALT visits the Alibaba headquarters in China.

ALT in Shanghai, China.

Dr. Tan’s international travels helped in putting together his vision for exceptional destinations such as McKinley Hill, Newport City, ArcoVia City, and other townships in the country.

Dr. Tan in McKinley Hill.

Dr. Tan in Newport City.

Dr. Tan with the Arco de Emperador as the background in ArcoVia City

Once the lockdown is lifted, where would you want to go? The pandemic has shown us how significant it is to enrich our memories with travels and, in Dr. Tan’s case, get inspired and build our way towards success.


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