Love like mAGIc: Employees show ‘Love for AGI’ in a variety of ways

by Erickson Beco

With businesses across various industries—from the real estate sector, tourism and gaming, food and beverage, quick service restaurant and infrastructure—it’s hard not to fall in love with brands under Alliance Global Group, Inc. (AGI).

Studies conducted by social psychologists over the past few years suggest that, as employees, loving what you do at work, who you do it with, and why you do it, has a significant impact on an individual’s overall well-being. When you love your work and it loves you back, you tend to become more productive and strive to achieve and do more.

In this month’s One AGI feature, we showcase the stories of several employees who have displayed their all-out love for their favorite AGI brands. For these men and women, love for the company is something that they continue to live by, day in and day out.

Love Namin ‘To

For members of the Human Resources (HR) team of Global-Estate Resorts, Inc. (GERI), a day in the office feels a bit lacking without getting their usual McDonald’s fix.

“McDonald’s has been our go-to option for snacks in the office because it’s convenient and safe. We don’t need to spend a lot of time waiting in line because it’s so easy to order our favorite items off the menu,” says Elia Khyra Pabia, HR account officer, GERI.

Another member of the team, HR associate Christopher Paulo Gonzales, confessed that among all the things he loves about McDonald’s, it’s actually the feeling of nostalgia that he gets each time he dines at the store that really warms his heart.

“It takes me back to my childhood days when I enjoyed my food while holding my Happy Meal,” Gonzales shared.

Paulo (center) and Elia (extreme right) enjoying their favorite McDonald’s snacks with their colleagues

Loving our hotels

Creating and enjoying meaningful moments with the people who really matter to you is among the long list of reasons why staycations have truly been a hit for a lot of people today.

“My family and I love staycations, and our go-to staycation destination is definitely RWM and its partner hotels. I love RWM because can never run out of reasons to stay,” says Minerva Ibardaloza-Macaraeg, butler secretary from Resorts World Manila. “What I love the most is the excellent, friendly and consistent service of the staff, the remarkable Pinoy hospitality that makes it world-class and different from the rest. The integrated complex makes it even more convenient to go hotel hopping, our favorite activity with the family.”

Any chance to spend quality time with her family is something to look forward to for Minerva

This same experience is what keeps Kristine Medina, an HR business partner also from Resorts World Manila, coming back to our hotels again and again.

“Megaworld Hotels has been my hotel of choice for the past few years now. Whether it be for business or leisure, its prime location and its complete set of amenities and facilities really set it apart from other hotels. It’s really worth every peso I spend,” Kristine shares.

It’s hard to top the joy of being in a Megaworld Hotel, according to Kristine

Loving our malls

Malls have been a huge part of the Filipinos’ lives, particularly for millennials who love dining out with friends and posting about their most Instagram-worthy photos wherever they may be.

One of those who love hanging out and exploring various Megaworld Lifestyle Malls is Jonathan Marco Grajo, digital community supervisor from Megaworld.

Marco doesn’t skip the chance to visit our Megaworld Lifestyle Malls whenever he’s free, whether alone or with his family and friends

He lists Uptown Mall, Eastwood Mall, and Venice Grand Canal as his favorite places to visit whenever he wants to pass time or just wants to be with his pals during the weekends.

“I frequent Uptown Mall in Uptown Bonifacio because I live nearby. I like how the mall has all my basic needs covered, and more. It has lots of coffee shops and that’s something an avid coffee drinker like me really loves,” Grajo tells Imagine.

When it comes to dining, Grajo shares that nothing beats the choices that he has on his hands at Eastwood City.

“I enjoy eating good food and Eastwood offers a lot of dining choices. The relaxed vibe in the township is also something I enjoy very much because there are lots of open spaces and the stores are all accessible and interconnected,” Grajo narrates.

Loving our communities

Owning your first home can be a scary thought for some, but for these two employees of Suntrust Properties, Inc. nothing is more fulfilling than finally a place to call home from a developer they know very well.

Christine Arellano-Bellen, senior manager from the marketing and sales operations division (Horizontal Luzon) of Suntrust, says that the fulfillment of owning a Suntrust home is truly a dream come true.

While others are still trying to imagine where they want to be, Christine and her family were already living their dreams

“I fell in love with Suntrust Verona the moment I heard about the project, especially with the Italian concept and replicas of all the famous landmarks integrated into the community’s amenities,” shares Bellen, who has been with the company for the past 13 years.

General services assistant, Jen Balacanao, also shares that all the sacrifices she and her family had to go through just to have their own Suntrust home are all worth the rewarding feeling that they enjoy right now.

Jen says that it feels so good to be able to return to your family at the end of the day in a home that is the fruit of all your hard work

“I’m just a humble service staff, so the thought of owning a home was an impossible idea. Working at Suntrust made me understand that I can achieve my dream for my family,” says Balacanao, a proud owner of a Suntrust Cyberville home in General Trias, Cavite.

Hotel dishes made with love

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo sous chef Jeffrey Ticao’s love for reinvention led him to discover how Emperador Light can help make the hotel’s signature pasta dishes even more special.

“I’ve been using Emperador Light as my cooking wine for all our pasta dishes at The Granary since 2018. I revised our menu to replace some items in our books and we’ve been using Emperador Light since then. I love it because it really enhances the natural flavors of our dishes,” says Chef Jeff.

Chef Jeff mainly uses Emperador Light to sauté bacon, onions and ham to make the flavors of his dishes come alive

At the moment, reinvention continues for Chef Jeff and his team as they have been continuously encouraged by the rave reviews they have been getting from diners in the restaurant. “Our team is exploring how to use Emperador products in our other dishes, including our desserts,” he adds.


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