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AGI women leaders speak up

Get to know the women leaders of AGI who inspire us every day as role models of passion, determination, and excellence.

32 days before Christmas: A joyful welcome to the Holiday season from AGI employees

Watch this video and feel the joy of the season grow within you!

Humility, Compassion and Prayer: Mrs. Katherine L. Tan gets personal with IMAGINE

Imagine sits down with the matriarch of the Tan family as she shares snippets of her life at home and at work.

A new SOJUicy experience is here with The Bar Fruity Mix

Say “Geonbae 건배! (Cheers!)” with the new ultra-light alcohol, Fruity Mix!

ALT TRAVELS: Determination takes you places

Dr. Tan's success story is one that will continuously inspire AGI employees. His stumbling blocks definitely led him to places and people that enrich his vision.