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Bodegas Fundador’s ‘La Taperia’ in Jerez, Spain turns 4!

Bodega La Tapería Fundador Restaurant just celebrated its fourth anniversary after successfully pioneering the concept of dining within a winery in Jerez.

Rabiya Mateo finds a home at Megaworld’s Iloilo Business Park

Together with the rest of the city, Iloilo Business Park welcomed the newly-crowned queen, her family, and her entire entourage with the richness of Ilonggo hospitality during her grand homecoming.

Indulge in a holiday feast with these dining offerings from AGI hotels

What's a celebration without superb food to share with your family and friends?

Love like mAGIc: Employees show ‘Love for AGI’ in a variety of ways

For these men and women of AGI, love for the company is something that they continue to live by, day in and day out.

AGI women leaders speak up

Get to know the women leaders of AGI who inspire us every day as role models of passion, determination, and excellence.

32 days before Christmas: A joyful welcome to the Holiday season from AGI employees

Watch this video and feel the joy of the season grow within you!

Humility, Compassion and Prayer: Mrs. Katherine L. Tan gets personal with IMAGINE

Imagine sits down with the matriarch of the Tan family as she shares snippets of her life at home and at work.

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ALT TRAVELS: Determination takes you places

Dr. Tan's success story is one that will continuously inspire AGI employees. His stumbling blocks definitely led him to places and people that enrich his vision.

Dr. Andrew L. Tan honored for valuable contribution in PH’s fight vs. COVID-19

Dr. Tan received the award from the International Chamber of Commerce-Philippines for leading AGI's initiatives in helping communities triumph over challenges brought by the pandemic.

ALTernative career? ALT and his passion for singing

Take a look at some of the rare instances we get to see our Chairman singing his heart out and just reveling in the moment!

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